August 17, 2011

a week in food

Breakfast: Open-faced egg, bacon, and blue cheese sandwich. Topped with tomatoes and green onions.

 Lunch: This amazing Fried egg and Avocado sandwich. In case you were wondering about the apparent lack of variety in my meals(I would be), I should note that this lunch did not happen on the same day as the breakfast above.

Dinner: veggie kabobs, roasted corn couscous, leftover chicken and tzatziki from this recipe (which I HIGHLY recommend making...which I don't have any pictures because...well, you know. Cameras are often the last thing on my mind when I set a plate of food down in front of myself.)

Breakfast/All day long: Strawberry-Banana Bread (recipe coming soon!)

Snack: The only most sensational S'mores cupcake that I have ever eaten. Like spectacular. From Sugar Fixe Patisserie.

Dinner x 2: Buffalo Chicken Tacos (this dinner was a double dip was that good.)

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