April 19, 2011

seared scallops with brown butter risotto

Risotto is a powerful word. It's resounding, sensual, Italian, and meant to be said with some kind of hand gesture (not that one, you). It incites a level of anticipation in me that is embarrassing to admit. I'm a sucker for starch, really that's all it comes down to. Rice, mashed potatoes, french fries, bread...
But risotto reigns supreme over all these lowly starches. Risotto is Queen Starch.

This brown butter risotto is creamy (obvi) and a just the right amount of salty, with a great depth of flavor from the browned butter and brandy. You can eat it by the bowlful if you're in a starchy mood, or pair it with any protein you want, like sea scallops. The recipe is Giada's that I found in some random magazine like Redbook. She paired it with lobster tail.

This was our first time making sea scallops and it went surprisingly well! We even used frozen (New England wild Jumbo) scallops from Trader Joe's: Thaw, sear, eat, be happy.

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