January 31, 2012

citrus salad

My fridge has been rather barren of late. Holidays and travel and work have robbed it of it's bounty and sapped me of time or energy to make stuff.

So last night when an intense chocolate craving hit, and my sad half stick of butter made it virtually impossible to bake something (excuses), rather than going to the store to get more butter (which would have been the logical thing), I drove 20 minutes each way to get my sorry self a sinfully rich chocolate/peanut butter cupcake.

It was SO worth it.

But thanks to a quick Whole Foods run for milk and bananas the other morning (which turned into a long Whole Foods run for milk, bananas, blueberries, citrus, bacon, cheese, cookies and other stuff), I found my fridge stocked with just enough good stuff to make this wonderful salad for snack today.

It's a perfect way to use those beautiful winter citruses, and I think you'll find it refreshing and incredibly energizing as I did. I felt so great afterwards that I probably would have been annoyingly upbeat to anyone who might have been around. Fortunately I was alone.

Citrus Salad
Serves 1-2

1 grapefruit
2 blood oranges
2 clementines
1/2 -1 whole avocado, depending on preference 
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Olive oil
Sea salt and Fresh ground pepper
Salad greens, optional

Section all the citrus into a bowl. (Here's a helpful tutorial if you need it.) Slice the avocado and add it to the bowl. Squeeze the juice of the lime over the fruit. Drizzle with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste. Toss gently. Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary.

Eat as is, or serve (mostly drained) over greens (like watercress or arugula or baby greens).

I ate it first with watercress, then ended up eating the rest straight from the bowl and actually preferred it like that!

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