October 15, 2011

'stuff you didn't see' saturday

I eat every day. Yup, every single day.

this squirrel wants my food.
...Except if I have the flu. Flu is an unwelcome diet plan. I only appreciate it when it's over.
I always think of the girl in "The Devil Wears Prada" who says that she's only one stomach flu away from her goal weight.

I may be two flus away.

Anyway. Point is, I don't post about everything I eat. That would mean I was only eating like twice a week, and only eating sweets, apparently. Though if I had to pick a food group to live on it would probably be sweets. And fruit. Sweet fruits.

I don't even take pictures of everything I eat. I don't have that kind of patience.
But. Here are some of the things you didn't see. That I ate.

Iss for fun.

These became...

...this. Herb-baked egg cups inspired by this and this. Mine was simply tomatoes, parmesan, fresh basil, cream, and dried herbs de provence. And eggs of course. 

A most wonderful buffalo dog: hot dog topped with homemade coleslaw, crumbled bleu cheese and Frank's Red Hot sauce. Oh yes.

Chicken chili roughly adapted from here

Small tomato stack. Just goat cheese sandwiched between slices, topped with salt and pepper, fresh basil, and a nice drizzle of balsamic (not pictured).

Friendly breakfast on our tiny deck. Cinnamon rolls from here, breakfast hash from here. Later, I would make that breakfast hash again...

...for breakfast in bed.
Here's a burger that we stuffed with cheese. Jack cheese. Accompanied by homemade sweet potato fries.

Aannd easy spaghetti dinner on the (tiny) deck. 

Have a wonderful weekend full of good food and pumpkin-y things.


  1. soooo yummmy!!!!! loved your blog! following you now... hope you could visit my blog tooo....


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  2. I adore your tiny deck and can't believe you captured that squirrel - it's like he knew he was busted and just froze! Anyway, you love food and so that makes you a girl after my own heart and therefore following!! YUM!


  3. Gorgeous photos! Now I'm craving a hot dog...

  4. Iss for fun! Haha! Love it! Wow, you eat some yummy looking stuff.

  5. Oh, and I hope you get better soon.

  6. abby- i'm actually not sick, i was just using that as an example. :) but thank you anyway!