June 7, 2011

last night a tj saved my life

Please forgive the lame title, it seemed like a good idea in my head.

But for real. How many times has Trader Joes come through in the clutch? Just walking in there sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the low-effort-but-still-incredibly-delicious options. 
Low-effort is totally my style. 

Just ask my makeup bag. Or my comb. Or my shower.

The other night I whipped up some delicious TJ's frozen orange chicken. I know, I'm a goddess in the kitchen. I served it with jasmine rice (bombdotcom) and this salad. It is really a fantastic little meal. Not gourmet, but fantastic. 

One of my other Trader Joes favorites? This pulled pork.  

Here's another favorite.

These croissants are so surprisingly buttery and flaky and chewy that you would hardly know they are from the freezer section.

What are your Trader Joes life-savers? I know I am qualifying chocolate croissants as life-savers, but I really think that's not too far from the truth. Pastries are my weakness. And cookies. Unless those count as the same thing.

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